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Person - Knaak, Richard A.

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Items with "Knaak, Richard A." as Credited Author

Diablo Novels

1. Legacy of Blood
3. Kingdom of Shadow

Dragonlance Novels

By the Measure
Colors of Belief
Definitions of Honor
The Hand that Feeds
Into Shadow, Into Light
Kaz and the Dragon's Children
The Son of Huma
Wayward Children
10. Heroes 1: The Legend of Huma
17. Heroes II 1: Kaz the Minotaur
55. Lost Histories 4: Land of the Minotaurs

Warcraft Novels

1. Day of the Dragon
4. War of the Ancients 1: The Well of Eternity
5. War of the Ancients 2: The Demon Soul
6. War of the Ancients 3: The Sundering