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Items with "Chaffee, Doug" as Author

Sniper! Adventure Gamebooks

2. Blast Out in Lebanon

Items with "Chaffee, Doug" as Illustrator

Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Adventure Gamebooks

15. The Vanishing City (interior)

Amazing Stories

5. Starskimmer (cover)
6. Day of the Mayfly (cover)

Dragonlance Novels

16. Preludes II 1: Riverwind the Plainsman (interior)

Endless Quest

16. The Dragon's Ransom (interior)
19. Conan the Undaunted (interior)
28. Mystery of the Ancients (interior)

Sniper! Adventure Gamebooks

1. Viet Rampage (cover)
2. Blast Out in Lebanon (cover)
3. Into China (cover)
4. KGB Doublecross (cover)
5. ULTRA Deadly (cover)
6. Libyan Strike (cover)