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Item - Secret of the Old Museum

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LC Cataloging in Publication Summary: The reader's decisions control a series of adventures inside a museum, including time travel to ancient Egypt and an encounter with aliens from the Alpha Centauri system.
Demian's Thoughts:

As the summary suggests, this book covers a lot of different territory. It's not terribly well-written (or historically accurate) but it's fairly entertaining.

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Fantastic Adventures edition

Series: Fantastic Adventures no. 2
Item: Secret of the Old Museum
Author: Wandelmaier, Roy
Illustrator: Smolinski, Dick
Date: 1985
ISBNs: 0816705313 / 9780816705313 (hardback)
0816705321 / 9780816705320 (paperback)
Length: 99 pages
Number of Endings: 30

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