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Item - The Great Depression

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Series: You Choose: Interactive History Adventures
Author: Burgan, Michael
Date: January 2, 2011
ISBN: 142966276X / 9781429662765
Length: 112 pages
Kveto's Thoughts:

With a book about the Great Depression in the USA, you can expect more downer endings than positive.

You get the usual 3 options and they are different enough to be interesting. The first is a veteran of WWI trying to get an early payoff from a veteran's certificate from Washington. You get a chance to march and protest and beat up a commie.

The 2nd path has you as a teenage hobo, and is probably the most like an actual adventure and is probably the most interesting path.

The final role is joining the Civilian conservation corps, a city boy sent to work in the wilderness.

I found the book reasonably interesting and learnt some info about the time which I did not know, which is an interesting way to learn. As it is clearly intended for libraries and schools, I'm not sure how interesting young readers would find it. But it's probably more engaging than a textbook.

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