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Item - Vit snö

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Alternate Title: White Snow (literal English translation of title)
User Summary: In what seems like a community of hobbits, Santa Claus has lost his sleigh and needs your help to find it.
katzcollection's Thoughts:

Review courtesy of Per Jorner

It wouldn't surprise me if this whole adventure was written for the benefit of a single pun: when you're given a choice of locations to look for the sleigh, the options are Sammy's Car Repair Shop, Pippin Zoo and (no one saw this one coming) Merry X-mas Toy Store. There are no actual rules or puzzles, and unless you refuse or abandon the quest the game will end in one of two ways which are essentially the same. The gags are amusing but not hilarious.

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Special Thanks:Thanks to Per Jorner for pointing this one out.

Sinkadus edition

Series: Sinkadus
Item: Vit snö
Author: Fängstam, Björn
Date: December, 1990
Length: 1 page (p. 23; 14 sections)
Number of Endings: 2 (1 death, 1 "victory")

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