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Item - Tarzan and the Tower of Diamonds

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Series: Endless Quest — no. 31
Author: Reinsmith, Richard
Illustrators: Easley, Jeff (cover)
Butler, Jeffrey (Jeff) (interior)
Date: December, 1985
ISBN: 0880382058 / 9780880382052
Length: 157 pages
Number of Endings: 13
User Summary: As Tarzan, you come across a plane wreck while trying to rescue a lioness from poachers. Eventually, your explorations lead you to something bigger and more exciting....
Demian's Thoughts:

Well, it's another Tarzan book, and I still don't understand what they have to do with the rest of this series. I also don't understand why this seems to be set in the present day; I'm no Tarzan expert, but I'm pretty sure the stories are supposed to take place in the early part of the twentieth century. Still, while I'm not a Tarzan fan, I did enjoy the story at least a little -- it eventually turns into an archaelogical adventure of the Indiana Jones variety, and it's fun if a bit silly. My biggest complaint is with the flow of the story. A lot of sections are re-used, so it's often possible to pick a choice that you rejected earlier. Normally I like this sort of thing, but here it leads to a lot of redundancy; I found myself learning certain facts about the story two or three times during the same reading! It's not really a big deal, but it's a sign of poor editing, and it detracts from the sense of immersion in the story.

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