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Item - Death Riders / Heart of Stone

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Series: Doctor Who 2 in 1 Adventure Novels — no. 1
Authors: Richards, Justin
Baxendale, Trevor
Illustrator: Campbell, Paul (cover)
Date: January 6, 2011
ISBN: 1405908092 / 9781405908092
User Summary: In Death Riders, danger lurks at a fair held within a mining asteroid; in Heart of Stone, a farm is terrorized by something which can turn any substance into moon rock.
Demian's Thoughts:

Both stories in this volume are fairly insubstantial, but Richards' Death Riders is by far the superior of the two. Although marred by a particularly ridiculous conclusion and an ill-defined threat, it gains points for effectively capturing the banter of the new series' dialogue and for making a few Pertwee-era references for the old-timers. Baxendale's contribution is pretty much pointless all the way through, with a particularly silly premise, a set of totally flat supporting characters, and a weak ending. It all goes by quickly and painlessly, so if you absolutely have to have a dose of Who, this volume will do the job... but it's far from a must-read.

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