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Item - Siege of the Tower

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Series: Endless Quest — no. 40
Translated Into: A Torre do Olho do Drag√£o (Portuguese)
Author: Antilles, Kem (pseudonym used by multiple people)
Illustrators: Easley, Jeff (cover)
Dykstra, Terry (interior)
Date: 1994
Kveto's Thoughts:

This is another one in the extended series. It contains 188 pages in about 42 sections.

In this one you play a teen-aged warrior named Corlen. Corlen has a unique curse placed on him in that he cannot touch metal due to a wizard's curse. Instead he uses a whip, flint-tipped arrows and a wooden sword (why he doesn't use a quarterstaff rather than a useless wooden sword is not explained). You are part of a force defending a tower against a band of orcs lead by the wizard who cursed you. He is trying to gain a magical McGuffin eye that your force needs to protect.

This is quite an exciting book. It has multiple paths you can take including remaining with the defenders or being part of a party that tries to smuggle out the eye. Most of the choices are challenging and include a theme of loyalty vs. mission. It feels a much more "adult" book as the body count can be high. The multiple paths include dungeon crawls, forest adventures, a river raft journey and a city encounter.

Overall a very worthy addition to the series.

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