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Item - Fejtörők erdeje

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Alternate Title: Forest of Puzzles (official English title)
twillight's Thoughts:

One of the most horrendous gamebooks I've ever seen.

My guess is, some program came up with the net of sections, and the "writer" filled up these with as little work as possible.

Most of the chapters are nothing more then giving you the options in which directions to continue on without any description where you are, or why you should pick either direction above the other(s).

Two other things happen in this: you meet with some pixies, towards which race your reaction should be based entirely on the flip of a coin. There is no consistency how you should react, or how they'll react. And the whole point of them would be figuring out which lies to you, but it is entirely random.

The other thing is the riddles. They are widely known, nothing original in them.

Add salt to injury, the ending... Oh, the ending. It'll hurt forever. This thing is a shame for gamebooks.

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Users Who Own This Item: Rozo, Zolika

Harcos képzelet : játékkönyvek edition

Series: Harcos képzelet : játékkönyvek no. 57
Item: Fejtörők erdeje
Author: Northenlight, Winston (pseudonym used by Vakulya, Norbert)
Illustrator: Vakulya, Norbert
Date: 2007
Length: 300 sections

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