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Item - Africa: Where Do Elephants Live Underground?

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Series: Earth Inspectors — no. 6
Author: Packard, Edward
Illustrators: Conner, Mona (cover)
Carter, Barbara (interior)
Date: 1989
ISBN: 0070479984 / 9780070479982
Length: 104 pages
Number of Endings: 1
LC Cataloging in Publication Summary: As an Earth Inspector, the reader tries to find the strange place where elephants live underground.
Demian's Thoughts:

This is a rather long book; it seems designed to make sure that you go to most of its locations before you finish it. This actually sort of makes sense within the context of this series; since there's little replay value, you might as well get through most of the book the one time you read it. Of course, this makes one wonder why the book is a gamebook in the first place. In any case, apart from this, the biggest notable thing about the book is the fact that it has a certain amount of series continuity, picking up where the last book ended.

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