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Item - Breadman Issue 2

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Series: Breadman — no. 2
Author: Kuiper, Christopher
Illustrator: Kuiper, Christopher
Date: August, 2008
Length: 76 sections
User Summary: Supervillain Crazy Hippie has kidnapped Breadman's girlfriend Aloe. Can he recruit sidekick Doughboy and save her?
Demian's Thoughts:

This is good fun, and especially impressive for an independent effort. The visual format is well-used to create a non-linear, computer-adventure-game-style adventure filled with item collection and puzzle-solving. The interaction table works surprisingly well, and I really enjoyed poking into every corner and trying different combinations of items. The book isn't perfect -- it's not incredibly difficult (I finished in less than an hour), the art won't change your life, and there seems to be one minor bug (I had trouble finding the section for a key interaction, even though I knew what I had to do -- turns out there are different numbers for the same item in the main flow of the book and on the "look at" page). In spite of these minor complaints, this is well worth checking out both as a quick diversion and as a potential model for a large-scale adventure. I'm definitely looking forward to the next issue, and I'd love to see more applications of this format for interactive fiction....

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