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Item - The Voice - A Dark Matter Adventure

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Series: Dragon Magazine no. 265
Part of: Dragon Magazine #265 (Magazine)
Author: Kenson, Stephen (Steve)
Illustrator: Rabinowitz, Alan
Date: November, 1999
Length: 9 pages (pp. 90-98; 34 sections)
Number of Endings: 2
User Summary: A mysterious informant sends you to investigate a highly secured area.
Demian's Thoughts:

This is a terrible disaster of an adventure, though it takes a while to realize that. At first it seems like a fairly interesting introduction to the Alternity system. The problem is that once you've died and restarted a few times (which is inevitable), you realize that there is really no interactivity at all in the story. Every story branch but one is based on the roll of the dice, and the one that isn't has no real effect on the story. The end result is an extremely frustrating and nearly impossible-to-finish adventure since the only way to win is to be really lucky. This is worth reading once or twice to learn the system, but there's little point in making a concerted effort to finish it since the odds of success are extremely low.

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