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Item - Wolverine vs. the Brood Queen

Series: Dragon Magazine no. 264
Part of: Dragon Magazine #264 (Magazine)
Author: Redman, Rich
Illustrators: Skroce, Steve (cover)
Dickey, Chris (cover)
Marvel Bullpen / Marvel Studios, The (interior)
Date: October, 1999
Length: 7 pages (pp. 79-85; 15 sections)
Number of Endings: The game ends when combat ends
User Summary: In this demo for the Marvel Super Heroes Adventure Game, Wolverine battles an evil alien monster.
Demian's Thoughts:

This is little more than an advertisement. All it does is demonstrate how the combat system works. This proves rather boring (just a matter of drawing cards and remembering lots of numbers) and is made worse by unclear rules. The explanation of damage resolution is particularly confusing since it can be interpreted at least three different ways (though only one interpretation actually makes any sense).

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