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Item - Nyx: Master of Flame

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Series: Lost Worlds: Queen's Blade [クイーンズブレイド] — no. 13
Date: June 29, 2007
Garthanos's Thoughts:

Nyx is a beautifully produced and yes voluptuous character which is relatively less (ecchi - lewd) than many of the Queen's Blade series. She is mostly based on the Knights of the Dinner Table Character Teflon Billy (she lacks some of his gamer moves). Her staff (called a wand but taller than she is) is apparently sentient. The name of one of the maneuvers, a rolling ground based fire ball, is a cross lingual pun which sounds like bowling ball... literally translates as "Violent Phosphorus Crimson Flame Bullet" in Japanese it sounds like "bow ling en dan."

The character plays relatively well without the use of her monstrous 15 luck (a compensation because she lacks the versatile spell casting Teflon had?) Point in fact her pyromancy plays on the powerful side but with the luck she is one mean lady... with some scary modifiers on attacks that seem to hit fairly frequently.

Nyx has an awe inspiring dodge like that of the Tiger Lady that completely overshadows her duck move... you would never use it unless you have some effect impacting which prevents the dodge move.

The book is nice and hardbound but ships with no luck cards to go with the points; this is apparently the norm for the QB books, but at least somewhat annoying to me.

Some of the pages seem like the art was mislocated in the book. For instance, page 11 appears to be her blocking with a hand of fire(appropos for page 45)... and page 45 appears to be aiming (one eye closed) along her staff with a shimmer jagged bolt of fire sliding off it (more appropriate for the aimed attack which avoids armor)... And page 9? Thrusting appears to be the same artwork with a slightly different expression on her face than on the page where her magic has been interrupted and is giving her backlash.

In spite of the above issues, I would like to see this one in English direct perhaps with a few fixes applied (looking at the book and hunting for a translation is a bit burdensome). She is much nicer on the eyes than Teflon and that really should be Mistress of Flame.

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