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Item - You Are Judge Dredd in House of Death

(Diceman edition)

Combined Summary

Series: 2000 AD Extreme Edition no. 1
Diceman no. 1
Translated Into: Vous ĂȘtes Judge Dredd (French)
Authors: Grover, T. B. (story)
Mills, Pat (game)
Illustrators: Talbot, Bryan
Frame, Tom (lettering)
Dates: 1986 (Diceman edition)
December 3, 2003 (2000 AD Extreme Edition edition)
Length: 20 pages (100 panels) (Diceman edition)
Gartax's Thoughts:

Though short, this story is fun and atmospheric, and does a good job of evoking the world of Dredd in interactive form.

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Known Editions

Diceman edition (in Diceman #1)
2000 AD Extreme Edition edition (in 2000AD Extreme Edition #1)

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