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Series: Harcos képzelet : játékkönyvek — no. 36
Alternate Title: The Dark Prince (official English title)
Author: Levinhood, David H. (pseudonym used by multiple people)
Illustrators: Balogh, István
Zubály, Sándor
Date: 2000
ISBN: 9639110833 / 9789639110830
Length: 300 sections
twillight's Thoughts:

Sötét Herceg came out in the era of its franchise Harcos Képzelet, where the series was at its weakest, and you had the least chance when buying a volume for it to be good.

Still, on paper, this is not a bad book. It was placed in a popular franchise's well-known location, the player took the role of a vampire, doing a Scooby-Doo investigation so to say, not your general hack-and-slash dungeon crawling. It also set up your role in this world quite nicely.

I can even give it some slack on the style, vocabulary, and a huge welcome to the potential setup.

Along with the fact that a lot is going on in the book (suspicious servants, ghosts, vampire rivalry, a gnome who wears a very disturbing Second Face Mask and so on), the adventure gives exciting hooks - especially at the start - which lead you a long way if you follow them.

Unfortunately none of the setups pay off, which is doubly problematic this being a hunt for clues on what is happening, instead of magic item hoarding. The ... ideal ... solution ends up being the shortest One True Path you'll likely ever see:

1) Leave the castle.
2) Go east.
3) Pass on.
4) Don't do as ordered.
5) Go back to the castle.
6) Do not obey.
7) Bossfight.
8) The End.

You literally win by not doing anything, and your best chance at survival is to not learn anything.

In a sense this is some post-modern masterpiece.

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