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Series: Harcos képzelet : játékkönyvek — no. 7
Alternate Title: Catch the Beast (official English title)
Author: Caldwell, Jim (pseudonym used by Kornya, Zsolt)
Illustrator: Zubály, Sándor
Date: 1993
ISBN: 9637841180 / 9789637841187
Length: 350 sections
twillight's Thoughts:

The most popular volume of its franchise, but a bit overrated if you ask me; people overlook its flaws for nostalgia.

The problems start with its system, which was clearly written in AD&D, and the HK-rules were slapped on hastily. This amongst others causes your spells not refilling.

Another obvious glitch is, the editors without thinking twice pasted in the rules-section from a different volume, resulting in the claim that the events of this book play out in Cherubion, even though the content is clearly part of the Worluk-setting (aka. Káosz Világa).

Some early monsters are too strong, so the player would like to spend those precious bonus points (skill points equivalent) without a master. This wouldn't be an issue with the spells regenerating with sleeps of course.

Then there is the problem that the Final Boss can not harm you if you spend your points right. If you could spend your points without a master making earlier fights easier, this issue could have been softened.

Finally there are some narrative problems, like you can lose more money than you have, you can't spend your money reasonably on anything useful, and acquiring The Magic Weapon. This last thing can be done two ways: a) simply asking the until-then very untrustful villagers, or b) fighting hard for it. And it is a darn good sword, worth working for. I call missed opportunity here.

The strong points are the good writing-style, the strong story, the imaginative setting, and the atmosphere. Yes, it is a good book, but it could have been great with just a bit more work on it.

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