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Item - A Nagy Féregfutam

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Alternate Title: The Big Insect Race (official English title)
twillight's Thoughts:

A Nagy Féregfutam is your typical, down-to-earth, low-level dungeon-crawler. At least it had much potential to be that one, kicking off the franchise, using the first time the character-stats determining Harcos Képzelet on their run.

In this one You start the annual dungeon-crawling festival (the premise is very much like Deathtrap Dungeon's to be honest, but manages to be its own thing). You even get a 3-room mini-dungeon before the main course - which is completely not worth entering into due to writer's incompetence. The monsters are too strong for the player, the mage's room is not worth it at all, and the book has all kinds of flaws, the worst being when the writer loses direction, or enthusiasm, or both, and first mixes up telling which tunnel heads which direction, and at one point completely gives up and attaches the exit right next to the entrance, negating all the potentials, and taking away all the interesting stuff written in the dungeon.

And there is the infamous would-be-sequel, Árnyékvilág too.

This book had potential, which it failed to realise. Wasn't a problem back then, for its target audience, especially being a long-awaited chapter in its Cherubion setting.

A fan-edition exists aiming to fix most of the problems.

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Special Thanks:Thanks to Zoleeka from Hungary and Szekeres Tamás for providing cover images. Zoleeka's scan is no longer pictured, but his contribution is still appreciated!
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Harcos képzelet : játékkönyvek edition

Series: Harcos képzelet : játékkönyvek no. 3
Item: A Nagy Féregfutam
Authors: Knight, Robert (pseudonym used by multiple people)
Stone, Jeffrey (pseudonym used by Nemes, István)
Illustrator: Zubály, Sándor
Date: 1993
ISBN: 9637841091 / 9789637841095
Length: 350 sections

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