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Item - Bugged Out!

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Combined Summary

Series: Choose Your Own Nightmare (1995-1997) — no. 8
Translated Into: Hilfe, ich verwandle mich! (German)
¡Soy una mosca! (Spanish)
Author: Hill, Laban Carrick
Illustrator: Schmidt, William (Bill)
Dates: 1996 (Paperback edition)
1997 (Hardcover edition)
ISBN: 0836817206 / 9780836817201 (Hardcover edition)
Publishers: Hardcover edition: Gareth Stevens Publishing -- United States
Paperback edition: Bantam -- United States
LC Cataloging in Publication Summary: The reader's decisions control the course of an adventure involving an ancient mask from the Amazon rain forest that can change people into flies.
Jordashebasics's Thoughts:

Bugged Out! Is better than I expected. The title and cover made me think this was going to be some sort of “you’re disgusted by bugs, and they’re all over you!” Story. Instead, it’s sort of like a mystical version of The Fly. You get turned into a fly, but you seem to have your normal head, albeit very small. After you manage to convince your friend, you get your first split - go to the hospital, or go see your science teacher.

I liked this quite a bit. While I don’t feel that becoming a fly is a common fear, the book plays up most of the appropriate concerns. Everyone wants to swat flies. Files have a short lifespan. It’s hard to communicate. These are legitimate worries, and they work out very well. I can't say that I found it creepy, but I did find myself concerned for my safety.

There’s good internal consistency, with more than one path using the same general solution to your problem.

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