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Item - Mickey's Christmas Carol Adventure

Series: Choose Your Own Adventure - Walt Disney — no. 9
Author: Razzi, Jim
Date: December, 1986
ISBN: 055305418X / 9780553054187
Length: 43 pages
Number of Endings: 7
noonxnoon's Thoughts: Ok, this is crazy. I am reviewing an obvious children's book... but I figure there are a few of you out there with children of your own! I got this and the Pinocchio Disney Choose Your Own Adventure book for my 3 year old son. This weekend we were reading Mickey's Christmas Carol Adventure, so I figured I'd give my review.

First off... these books are really well done. The books are a nice larger size for children to hold or to look at while you read. The larger font is helpful and illustrations are great. While I have my reservations about Disney characters, my son has an affinity towards Mickey Mouse.

I wasn't sure if my 3-year-old would get the 'choose your own adventure' aspect, but with a little rewording of the choices, my son really responded to 'what should the boy in the story do?' Long story short, my son enjoyed it and we read several adventures with him choosing what the character should do.

The problem I have are with the base story. It is quite a graphic topic to introduce youngsters to, and this book doesn't white wash it too much for a younger audience... There are references to ghosts... spirits... monsters... a few death references... empty graves. Some monster even throws Scrooge into a grave with his name on it and menacingly taunts him from above.

Much of this is more "nonsense fantasy" stuff I don't want my son to dwell on to be honest. I don't have a problem discussing issues in life, including the topic of mortal death... but this story was a bit too much for a very young audience when you step back and look at it. While a good moral and life lesson, the story really isn't easily adapted for small children.

While I wont be burning this book or casting it out from my residence, when I read it again to my son, I'll be sure to rephrase several of the more "nonsense fantasy" items I'd rather he not have nightmares about!

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Special Thanks:Thanks to Ken G. for the cover scans and other details.
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