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Item - Spooky Thanksgiving

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Series: Choose Your Own Adventure for Younger Readers — no. 47
Author: Montgomery, R. A.
Illustrators: Schmidt, William (Bill) (cover)
Wing, Ron (interior)
Date: November, 1988
ISBN: 0553156721 / 9780553156720
Length: 54 pages
Number of Endings: 6
User Summary: You have just moved into an old (possibly haunted) house in Plymouth, Massachusetts, and it's nearly Thanksgiving.
Demian's Thoughts:

This isn't a bad holiday-themed adventure. While it doesn't seem too interested in accurate historical detail or internal consistency, it has a few nice touches -- its attempt at conveying the original meaning of Thanksgiving is reasonably effective, and parts of the sequence involving a "ghost turkey" are rather amusing and memorable. Not a classic, but a decent effort.

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KenJenningsJeopardy74's Thoughts:

I really think that I would place this book at the very top among the fifty-two entries in the Bantam Skylark Choose Your Own Adventure series for younger readers, and that is saying a lot.

Spooky Thanksgiving is bursting with great fun at every turn. The decisions are original and really require thought in order to make good ones, and they branch off into wonderfully diverse tangents that are a complete delight. Not only is the action finely paced and the narrative compelling, but there are some real moments of sensitive insight in the text, and that is rare for a Choose Your Own Adventure book, let alone one in the Bantam Skylark set!

Ron Wing comes through as illustrator once again with flying colors, providing some of the most amazing pencil drawings that I have ever seen in a juvenile story. Pick this book to read for the artwork, the plot, or just because it's a family Thanksgiving book, it doesn't matter; you won't be disappointed.

Spooky Thanksgiving is an excellent example of the kind of story that R. A. Montgomery is capable of when he's clicking on all cylinders as a writer.

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