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Item - Choose Your Own Adventure Box Set (73-77)

Series: Choose Your Own Adventure (1979-1998)
Contains: Beyond the Great Wall (Gamebook)
Longhorn Territory (Gamebook)
Planet of the Dragons (Gamebook)
The Mona Lisa is Missing! (Gamebook)
The First Olympics (Gamebook)
Date: August, 1989
ISBN: 0553337890 / 9780553337891
Special Thanks:Thanks to ntar for the information and scans.
Users Who Own This Item: kinderstef (same as knginatl), knginatl (mine shows 74/75 on box #0553337890, another box came with 63-67, shows 63/66 #0553337874), newt3425, ntar, SherlockHolmes
Users Who Want This Item: Ffghtermedic, newt3425, Nym90

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