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Item - Wild Horse Country

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Series: Choose Your Own Adventure for Younger Readers — no. 17
Translated Into: Au pays des chevaux sauvages (French)
País de caballos salvajes (Spanish)
País de cavalls salvatges (Catalan)
Author: Sonberg, Lynn
Illustrator: Kurtz, Sara
Date: June, 1984
ISBN: 0553152610 / 9780553152616
Length: 54 pages
Number of Endings: 11
User Summary: Your horse, Ginger, has disappeared, and now you have to figure out where she went!
Demian's Thoughts:

Unfortunately, this book violates one of my gamebook pet peeves -- it has no story consistency whatsoever; depending on which choices you make, the entire nature of the story changes dramatically. You almost always find Ginger, but the reason for her disappearance is different each time through! Of course, there's nothing really wrong with this; it allows more variety and probably pleases many readers. It's just not to my taste. The book also happens to be about a subject that doesn't interest me much, which further gives me reason to be unthrilled by it. Despite these two strikes against it, though, I liked the adventure. It's well-written and has many satisfyingly long paths. Interestingly, the author kills off the reader's character a couple of times, which is unusual for this series; one fatal ending, on page 27, also happens to be pretty funny. Good stuff!

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