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Item - Caïthness l'élémentaliste

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Series: Défis et sortilèges — no. 1
Alternate Title: Caïthness the Elementalist (literal English translation of title)
Translated Into: Caithness l'elementalista (Italian)
Author: Sagot, Gildas
Illustrator: Pilorjet, Bruno
Date: September, 1988
ISBN: 2070335038 / 9782070335039
Length: 190 pages (199 main sections plus four sets of 16 special sections)
Number of Endings: 6
User Summary: Caïthness is a human woman raised in the Fey Realm. She wants to know who her parents are, and thus she goes to Dorgan (the realm where the book takes place) to find information about them. She's described as a beautiful woman (Aura: 16), with good magic abilities (Magic: 14), average reflexes (Initiative: 12) and poor fighting abilities (Combat: 9). She has a dagger (damage 1 die) and the book of elements, containing her spells.
Feldrin's Thoughts:

The first thought that occurred to me when looking at Caïthness' stats was "I should avoid fighting!" To hit, I must roll less than nine on three dice, and all of this to inflict one lousy die worth of damage. Caïthness doesn't have any offensive spells when she starts; she can only reduce the Combat and Initiative scores of her opponent, and only once per fight (if the spell even succeeds).

During the adventure, I lost almost all the fights I was involved in. Hopefully, they aren't numerous.

The first time I played, I enjoyed wandering in this world, visiting Selartz or Kandaroth, traveling on the "Voie des Bâtisseurs" (Road of the Builders), and so on. From time to time, I was in locations where I needed to have 5 or 6 Power Points to go any further. I thought "Hmmm, those places must be useful, I'll get back later." Then I died in a fight.

Next try, I went to places I knew of to gain some Power Points and visited the places I hadn't been able to get into. I grew stronger, and found a place where I needed 10 Power Points. "Hmmm, that must be the ultimate place where I'll win." I carefully collected my Power Points, met the ultimate villain, examined his stats and exclaimed "WHAT?!?!!?"

A round later, I was bathing in my own blood and wondering how I could possibly win.

I won. I won't explain how; it's possible but very tough. My guess is that the ultimate opponent can easily match an alliance of several players.

This book is very interesting. I liked the idea of playing a given character, of choosing the attitude I wanted during the encounters, and the pleasurable freedom to wander in this adventure. The book is non-linear, and it's a good thing. The problem is that it's rather short. You never have more than two choices (unless it's a choice from the book of heroes). Still, it's a fun adventure.

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