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Item - Le Prince des voleurs

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Series: Sindbad le Magnifique — no. 1
Alternate Title: The Prince of Thieves (literal English translation of title)
Translated Into: Il principe dei ladri (Italian)
Authors: Headline, Doug
Pagel, Michel
Gordon, Fred
Illustrator: Barthélémy, Rolland
Date: 1987
ISBN: 2253042498 / 9782253042495
Length: 320 sections
Number of Endings: 29
User Summary: You're Sinbad, prince of the thieves. You're bored, you want adventures, you want to fight awful bad guys and save pretty princesses. Your boredom ends when two important merchants ask you to transport a precious shipment and offer you lots of money for it. But the counselor of the Khan of Djaghathai proposes another mission: take the daughter of Baghdad's calife to Djaghathai to marry the Khan. This will seal a new frienship treaty between the two kings. And, as if you didn't have enough problems, an old beggar predicts that your destiny is to save an unknown nation from destruction. Which mission will you choose?
Feldrin's Thoughts:

This book is very similar to Grailquest #4 (Voyage of Terror). You must choose between three missions, and it doesn't really matter which one you choose. Then you must recruit some men and after that, you're forced to accept another mission and sail to the Archipelago of the Four Winds, where you'll have to visit three islands, find three parts of a medallion and then fight your nemesis. A bit too classic for my tastes. The choices you make at the start of the adventure almost don't matter; you must inevitably visit these three islands (some of them being rather short) and survive a handful of tough fights (don't even think of winning with medium stats; you'll need a solid amount of luck in that case).

I'm disappointed by this book. There's a good sense of humor and several references to Prester John from the authors' other series, but the story is rather short because it is easily divided into 4 parts (introduction, three islands), the fights are too tough, and many of your choices don't have any influence on your fate. I have the impression that I already played several books on the same theme, and there isn't enough originality to make Le Prince des voleurs a gamebook you'll distinguish from the competition.

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