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Item - The Skull of Agarash

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zat's Thoughts:

This Lone Wolf graphic novel is quite hard to find (aside from Project Aon) and not really worth the effort. In this story, Guildmaster Banedon has been kidnapped by a dark powered pirate. Aided by a revenge-bent assassin and his gang, Lone Wolf sets out to recover Banedon. The story isn't very original, and in my opinion, the only good art in the book is the cover art. Although it's not a bad book, it's definitely not worth paying a large sum for. I recommend it to any Lone Wolf fan -- but read it on Project Aon. Don't bother buying it.

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Special Thanks:Thanks to sireeyore for the cover images.
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Original edition

Project Aon edition

Online Full Text: Project Aon
Series: Lone Wolf Graphic Novel
Item: The Skull of Agarash
Platform: Adobe Acrobat
Author: Dever, Joe
Illustrators: Julien, Cyril
Williams, Brian
Date: July 25, 2005
Length: 64 pages

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Lone Wolf: The Skull of Agarash
from Dragon #206, page 13