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Item - Earthquake!

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Series: Choose Your Own Adventure (1979-1998) — no. 129
Author: Gilligan, Alison
Illustrators: Warhola, James (cover)
Frenck, Hal (interior)
Date: 1992
Jordashebasics's Thoughts:

You go to visit your friend in San Francisco, and research predictions of earthquakes in two different ways.

I was fairly bored by this one. The primary split is between choosing to talk with someone who is focused on analyzing animal behavior to predict earthquakes, or someone who is working on measuring radon spikes to predict earthquakes. In either case, shortly after you start talking with them, an earthquake hits. You try to help out with whatever crisis results.

Somehow, there's a lack of urgency in the text. While it's supposed to feel like there isn't enough time to do one thing or the other, that feeling just doesn't happen.

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