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Item - Invaders from Darkland

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Wampic's Thoughts:

The plot is unusual enough to be interesting without being too bizarre. A volcanic eruption paves the way for an invasion by the evil king Harry, and his servants, the Dark Warrior and Dark Wizard. Trying to play through the book presents varying levels of difficulty, but it is possible to avoid several of the random losses through making certain decisions, so you should almost certainly succeed after three tries or so. What really makes this book worth reading in my opinion is seeing how the Darkland versions of various characters act - the Wizard's adventure seems to be slightly more fully developed than the Warrior's in this respect, but the Warrior experiences more of the strangeness of Darkland itself.

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Wizards, Warriors & You edition

Series: Wizards, Warriors & You no. 15
Item: Invaders from Darkland
Author: Beach, Lynn
Illustrator: Norem, Earl
Date: 1986

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