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Item - Herbert's Big Adventure

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Series: XO Play iPod Games — no. 2
Platform: Apple iOS
Author: Horton, George (uncredited)
Date: 2004
Length: 200 sections
User Summary: You're a single male looking for a mate.
Demian's Thoughts:

The author of this work very kindly sent me a sample copy, and after writing a quick program to convert it from iPod text files to standard HTML, I played through it a few times with my web browser. Unfortunately, it appears that the biggest strength of this adventure is the novelty of playing a game on an iPod. Outside of that environment, there isn't much to it; the author was aiming for a sort of Leisure Suit Larry tone, but the short sections don't allow for much in the way of comic timing or erotica. I'm glad to be able to add this to my collection, but if I had actually paid the suggested $14.99 retail price, I'd be feeling pretty ripped off; for that price, you can get a couple of real paper gamebooks, and this comes nowhere near most of those in terms of enjoyment or length of play.

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