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Item - Everest Adventure

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Series: Choose Your Own Adventure (1979-1998) — no. 145
Author: Montgomery, A. C.
Illustrators: Mattingly, David B. (cover)
Wing, Ron (interior)
Date: 1994
Jordashebasics's Thoughts:

Do many kids dream of climbing Everest? I honestly don't know. But this seems like it wouldn't be something that speaks to many kids' desires.

Anyway, this is reasonably well-written. A. C. Montgomery hasn't taken on his father's penchant for aliens and new-agey moralizing. It does still have a very strong Free Tibet message in some paths.

Like a number of books, there are a few paths where the promise of the title doesn't come true. On one of the major splits, you never go to Everest, and you wind up having your whole adventure in Canada. Not much of an issue. On the other end of things, the story has to get spiced up with some intrigue; in this case, you get mixed up with a Free Tibet organization, and they want you to dedicate your climb to the Free Tibet cause.

In this case, the opposing force is another group that wants to free Tibet, but they want to do it through violent means. For reasons I can't understand, this means that they want to stop your climb.

Also, you don't seem to have any issue with yelling while you're on Everest, forget the risk of avalanches.

There isn't too much to make this book notable, but I suppose it's good for those that want a more... grounded adventure.

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