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Item - Master of Judo

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Series: Choose Your Own Adventure (1979-1998) — no. 148
Translated Into: Maestro de judo (Spanish)
Author: Brightfield, Richard
Illustrators: Schmidt, William (Bill) (cover)
Bolle, Frank (interior)
Date: 1994
Length: 119 pages
Number of Endings: 22
User Summary: You are offered a summer job in a boat cruise to teach Judo to a billionaire's stepson.
pinkfloydechoes's Thoughts:

This time around, your friend Billy is replaced by Chuck, which is good because I never liked Billy. Also you have a choice of either accepting or declining the job offer. I also think that this is a weaker entry in the series. There are also fewer references to the previous books in this series.

Also this time you don't get to go to an oriental country to learn a new martial art, instead you go to the Caribbean and maybe to Jamaica to thwart potential kidnappers. The boy, Oliver, who you are supposed to protect, seems to be in serious danger from just about everyone aboard the cruise ship. Overall this is an average book with a fair amount of decent endings.

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Special Thanks:Thanks to pinkfloydechoes for the plot summary.
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