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Item - Gunfire at Gettysburg

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Series: Choose Your Own Adventure (1979-1998) — no. 151
Author: Wilhelm, Doug
Illustrators: Mattingly, David B. (cover)
La Padula, Tom (interior)
KenJenningsJeopardy74's Thoughts:

This really is above-average historical fiction for the Choose Your Own Adventure series. Doug Wilhelm has concocted an imaginative, sensitive story about the Civil War that should grip the attention of readers quite well. The narrative is impressively evocative, truly bringing the sights and sounds of the war between the states into sharp, clear focus. I would proudly recommend this story.

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yunakitty's Thoughts:

This book was awful. It's set in the Civil War, and you supposedly play a pivotal role in turning the tides of the war. I couldn't even finish it all, and that's rare for me. It was clearly written as a history book, and it had no interest in making the choices any fun. And the pictures were creepy. Everything was drawn well except for the faces, which seemed to have been drawn in by another person. Everyone has the face of a child molester.

Disclaimer: The fact that history was my least favorite subject may have SLIGHTLY influenced my review in a negative way.

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