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Item - Ninja Cyborg

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Series: Choose Your Own Adventure (1979-1998) — no. 155
Translated Into: Ciborg Ninja (Spanish)
Author: Leibold, Jay (pseudonym used by Montavon, Jay)
Illustrators: Kukalis, Romas (cover)
La Padula, Tom (interior)
Date: 1995
charlesdaniels's Thoughts:

Reading this book at the moment, and it's really surprising me. First off it is extremely well written. Definitely up there with the absolute best of the books in the series. The pacing is great, and the characters are well realised. The view of 2045 is weirdly tinged by 1995 concepts -- but when you sit down and think of it, a lot of it is closer than it seems at first glance -- it all but predicts Second Life. Certain passages in the book make it read as if Google went evil and tried to take over the world. It predicts the housing bubble! But sets it about 40 years too late. It predicts drones. There is more right than wrong in this book, if you just allow yourself to translate the 1995 terminology.

Also, the book has a very satirical, sarcastic, biting sense of humour. 1995 pop culture is pretty remorselessly attacked, in a funny way.

With only 8 endings it reads a hell of a lot more like a straight book, where you make a few key decisions to drive the story.

This is one of the very few examples of a Choose Your Own Adventure book where I could totally see it being adapted as a movie.

I would definitely go see Ninja Cyborg if it was ever made! :)

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yunakitty's Thoughts:

Woo hoo! I was all geared up for some craziness when I settled in with Ninja Cyborg. It doesn't disappoint. First off, I should actually note that it is a well written, well paced book. But what is most enjoyable to me is laughing at how incorrect the view of the future is. Written in 1995, the world was just learning about the "information superhighway," and so of course when you travel 50 years into the future in the story, Packard attempts to imagine the world that will be. Sadly (and hilariously) he's way off base. Virtual Reality Visors! 3-D Chat Rooms! Virtual Bulletin Boards that look like, well, real bulletin boards, with pinned on messages! Of course, I know we're not in 2045 yet, but I am pretty sure it's not going to be like that.

Also of note is that the ninja cyborg looks a LOT like Darth Vader. It's logical, considering that Darth Vader is a robotized human with martial arts skills and George Lucas was influenced by the look of samurai warriors.

Nada, seen and/or mentioned in other "ninja" CYOA's, co-stars in this with you. The illustrator is the same, Frank Bolle, and he draws "you" in the same style as the other ninja books, a young woman with long, brown hair and bangs.

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