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Item - Sky-Jam!

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Series: Choose Your Own Adventure (1979-1998) — no. 158
Translated Into: Canasta triple (Spanish)
Author: Packard, Edward
Illustrators: Mangiat, Jeff (cover)
La Padula, Tom (interior)
Date: 1995
barryattles's Thoughts:

Ratings: 1.5

Sports entry? Edward Packard? What, again?

To the point, this is an exact replica of Soccer Star, only this time you get to play basketball instead of soccer. Maths teachers, scholarships and sports-unrelated freak accidents are never in short supply, at least your participation in the "real" ballgame has slightly improved. On a side note, the retired superstar Jeffery Gordon in Sky-Jam could be inspired by Michael Jordan, who had just quit the NBA for the first time following his father's murder.

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Jordashebasics's Thoughts:

Packard's sports books are always a little strange, since they have this flavor like he just researched the sports and tried to make it feel accurate. But he almost always leaves me with the impression that he doesn't actually care about making a book about the sport.

Sky-Jam! reads a little differently than the other sports books I've read. Packard fit in a lot more basketball description, and a lot more sports lingo than I expected. And the book doesn't have a glossary!

However, much like the other sports books, there are plenty of unrelated stories. You get encouraged by the principal to make yourself distinguished in a non-athletic way. You decide to go into space science or computer science.

The most strange element is a detour where you go to a basketball camp, then wind up on a rafting adventure.

Not a great book, but better than I expected it to be. Not caring about basketball, I can't speak to how exciting that element was.

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