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Item - Death in the Dorm

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Series: Choose Your Own Adventure (1979-1998) — no. 171
Author: Montgomery, R. A.
Illustrators: Kukalis, Romas (cover)
Brigman, June (interior)
Date: 1996
ISBN: 0553566180 / 9780553566185
User Summary: You are going back to your old boarding school in the Northeast, because it's one of the best schools in the country and sends most of its graduates to Ivy League colleges. As the title would suggest, things turn upside down when you walk into your dorm and see what appears to be your roommate's body hanging from the ceiling.
stonemason's Thoughts:

This gritty, somewhat scary book reminds me a lot of Tattoo Of Death, an earlier work by R. A. Montgomery, but it's not as good. Here, the characters are a bit too exaggerated and one-dimensional. Your roommate Pat (yes, he actually appears in the story -- the body hanging from the ceiling was fake -- sorry I spoiled it for you...) is unrealistically annoying, having just about all the bad attributes anyone could think of. Mean, messy, arrogant, nosy, you name it. Most of the other characters in here are stereotypes as well, and none of the situations in here are particularly original either. This book isn't bad, but it's only average, and doesn't stand out as much as its predecessor. Still, it's way better than Montgomery's early work, and it's obvious that he's finally found his true style by this point.

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Special Thanks:Thanks to stonemason for the plot summary.
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