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Item - Master Wolf

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Series: Greyhawk Novels — no. 3
Author: Estes, Rose
Illustrators: Caldwell, Clyde (cover)
Sears, Bart (interior)
Date: March, 1987
ISBN: 0880384573 / 9780880384575
Product Code: 8242
Length: 314 pages
Kveto's Thoughts:

This is not a gamebook but a straightforward adventure novel. It features Mika, who is a selfish warrior in a tribe of natives who live with wolves, set in the Greyhawk world. It is the first part of the story which continues in the next books.

I was surprised to find it was written by Rose Estes, who started the Endless Quest series, because it is much more adult themed than her other books. No talking animals here but killing, rape and other actions.

This is not to say it is very good. Mika is a very unlikable hero and the story is a standard "transport the sleeping princess to a new locale." Some half-decent scenarios with gnolls and umber hulks are fun but didn't inspire me to buy the next in the series.

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