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Item - A Good Knight's Tale

Series: Dragonlance Novels no. 9
Part of: Tales 3: Love and War (Novel)
Author: Bakst, Harold
Date: October, 1987
Kveto's Thoughts:

One thing I've often read about Dragonlance material is not to read anything not written by the original authors Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman. For the most part, that is true, since due to the success, a lot of random stories got "Dragonlance" stamped on them. But some of the random stories are still decent, like this one. It has nothing to do with any characters from the novel, it is simply set in the world of Krynn. It's a fine, non-interactive story about a father disapproving of his young daughter's love, and how parents aren't always right when it comes to their children.

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