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Item - Aliados y enemigos

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Series: Leyenda ëlfica — no. 4
Author: López Morales, José Luis
Date: 2004
Length: 225 sections
Number of Endings: 8 (7 instant deaths and one victory)
User Summary: Once you have secured the help from the Stumland realm in your fight against Dark Forces, you return to your Elf Kingdom to report to your father, the King. But unexpected changes have happened at home....
nicolau's Thoughts:

Aliados y enemigos is the fourth and last issue of the Leyenda ëlfica Spanish amateur gamebook saga. And what an end! Absolutely amazing! That's nothing you would have expected from previous chapters!

It feels great to be surprised, and if that surprise fits the overall story and gives you a non-stop reading it's even better. Believe me, there's no time to relax once you begin from section #1. What a fast rhythm! As an example of what I'm saying, when I was reading this book I had to take a break because of an important subject, and when I retook the reading I got inmediatelly involved in the story... in fact, I was even eager to play it!

As has been said before, this story has many surprises. Actually, it could be said that there are two gamebooks in one. Two different stories, as Lone Wolf's Shadow on the Sand, but both of them equally combat oriented. The previous book centered on investigation, while in this last one, action is the most important. Fine! It's nice to see how a same author is able to handle different styles and themes!

By the way, and as a last remark, this book has a great epic ending; the story finishes in a way you'll remember with pleasure. I got emotionally touched....

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Special Thanks:Thanks to Nicolau Rodrigues for providing information on this title.

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