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Combined Summary

Series: Twistaplot — no. 18
Translated Into: Appel vers l'espace (French)
Chamando o espa├žo sideral (Portuguese)
Oproep in de ruimte (Dutch)
Author: Nugent, Jean
Illustrators: Reinert, Kirk (cover)
Roper, Robert (Bob) (interior)
Date: 1985 (Cover-priced edition)
ISBN: 0590332368 / 9780590332361
Length: 93 pages
Number of Endings: 22
Cover Price: US$1.95 (Cover-priced edition)
User Summary: Your science fair radio telescope project attracts the attention of aliens....
Demian's Thoughts:

This is a rather disappointing end to the series. It could have been far worse, but it's not terribly interesting. No new ground is covered in terms of plot or gameplay, and the various plot threads are so unrelated to each other that there's no sense of exploration gained from reading the book multiple times.

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Stockton's Thoughts:

Above all, this book is boring. There's just nothing new in it you can't also find in any Choose Your Own Adventure book. It's also fairly short and linear as well, so there's just not a whole lot of ground to cover anyway.

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