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Item - Journey to Vernico 5

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Combined Summary

Series: Twistaplot — no. 12
Translated Into: Expedição a "Vernico 5" (Portuguese)
Le Secret de Vernico 5 (French)
Tocht naar Vernico 5 (Dutch)
Viaje a Vernico 5 (Spanish)
Authors: Stine, Megan
Stine, H. William
Illustrators: Reinert, Kirk (cover)
Roper, Robert (Bob) (interior)
Date: 1984 (First printing)
ISBN: 0590332139 / 9780590332132
Length: 93 pages
Number of Endings: 26
Cover Price: US$1.95 (Later printing)
User Summary: When you flee your laser piano lessons by stowing away on a spacecraft, all manner of bad things happen to you.
Demian's Thoughts:

This is another good book from Stine and Stine. It's rather dated and not consistently wonderful, but it does have a few genuinely amusing moments. Some highlights include the list of ways to stay sane when locked in an isolated cell and an incident involving a head transplant.

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