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Item - Mad Mesa

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Series: Boot Hill — no. 1
Authors: Epperson, Jerry
Moldvay, Tom
Illustrator: Willingham (and others)
Date: 1981
ISBN: 0935696717 / 9780935696714
Product Codes: 7701
Length: 247 sections, plus random encounters and multiplayer notes
Number of Endings: Story ends only by death or by leaving town
User Summary: You wander into the town of Mad Mesa and have some adventures there at night.
Demian's Thoughts:

This is a rather disappointing adventure. It has no real direction, just a variety of predictable situations randomly scattered through town. There's no real goal to the whole thing, so as a stand-alone adventure it's not very satisfying, and since it's very easy to get killed and there are only a few ways to make money, I don't see it working as a supplement to an ongoing campaign. The module (like the second edition rules which you'll need in order to play it) is rather poorly organized, making it difficult to figure out exactly how to treat some situations, particularly combat. There's a huge gunfight at one point in the adventure which is very messy to keep track of (though it's the most entertaining part of the story).

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Special Thanks:Thanks to Ben Hunt, who wrote in "to point out that the guy on the cover looks like an emaciated Victor Mature." A comment worth repeating, if you ask me.
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