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Item - When the Cat's Away

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castiglione's Thoughts:

It is not explicitly stated in When the Cat's Away, but this is an adventure for low level (presumably 1st level) wizards. The character is the apprentice of a wizard who has left on a trip, leaving the apprentice free to explore regions of the wizard's abode which are "off limits." It's never clear whether this exploration is a minor or major breach of confidence on the apprentice's part although the deadliness of some of the traps that the wizard has left seems to imply that he doesn't appreciate other people poking through his things.

Compared to more recent (recent being relative since this adventure was published in 1993) adventures, this one is fairly short, running in at over 200 paragraphs; Caravan to Tiern and Dark Temple, by comparison, both run in at around 400 paragraphs. The character is also not "trapped" within the adventure as there isn't really an epic quest to fulfill so the adventure can often end rather "prematurely" whenever the player, or the narrative of the adventure, decides that he or she has had enough of snooping around and returns to cleaning up the wizard's abode.

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Tunnels and Trolls edition

Series: Tunnels and Trolls no. 24
Item: When the Cat's Away
Author: DeMott, Catherine
Date: 1993

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