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Item - Sword of Caesar

Series: Time Machine — no. 18
Platform: Microsoft Reader
Translated Into: La espada de C├ęsar (Spanish)
Authors: Stevenson, Robin
Stevenson, Bruce
Illustrator: Hescox, Richard
Date: June, 1987
ISBN: 0553265318 / 9780553265316
Length: 126 pages (plus data bank and data file)
Number of Endings: 1
User Summary: Your mission is to discover the ultimate fate of the battle sword of Julius Caesar.
DavidSky's Thoughts: The writing here is pretty good... The time jumps are occasionally confusing, and there are some continuity errors having to with who you've met before and where you've been before - these were probably difficult to prevent because of how this series is designed. There are some amusing trips to the modern day, and the ending is very satisfying, with some real emotion!

If you want to see my map for this book, it's here. (The circled number is the end of your adventure, and the "A" indicates it's a happy ending.)

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Demian's Thoughts: This is a good entry in the series; not only does it deal with a number of important Roman historical figures, but it also gives a good first-person look at Roman life in various periods and social classes. This diversity of educational content more than makes up for the fairly familiar subject matter. My biggest criticism of the book is that its artwork seems rather rushed in places and is definitely below average for the series.

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