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Item - The Wizard's Web

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Series: Taletwisters
Author: Schraff, Anne
Illustrator: Edwards, Bruce
Date: 1982
ISBNs: 0895983648 / 9780895983640
0895983702 / 9780895983701
Length: 136 pages
Number of Endings: 40
User Summary: You visit the lab of Doctor W (rumored to be short for "Wizard"), a scientist you met in a high school class; adventure ensues.
Demian's Thoughts:

Because this series is so hard to get hold of, I eventually resorted to requesting a representative sample from my local library's Interlibrary Loan department. I was hoping to find a lost gem, but it turns out that this is actually a turkey well-deserving of suppression. Written in short, simple sentences that build a condescending atmosphere, the book tells the disjointed story of the reader's encounter with a most baffling scientist, a man "who works in a secret laboratory among elixirs of magic and potions that glitter and glow." For no apparent reason, the reader is able to visit this lab, at which point the scientist performs a dangerous experiment without asking for consent. This is rather odd, since his later actions seem to indicate that he feels strongly about moral values. Of course, I suppose some contradictions are to be expected from a scientist who is also a magician. Whether dealing with a golden future for humanity attained through shrinking everyone or detailing the reader's misadventures after being transformed into a hairy beast, the book is uniformly silly and embarrassing to read. I recommend avoiding this mess, and fortunately, that shouldn't be very hard.

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Special Thanks:Thanks to the Orange County Public Library for lending this book via Interlibrary Loan and to Ken G. for the cover scans.
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