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Item - Monster House

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Series: Super Eye Adventure — no. 2
Author: Chevat, Richard (Richie)
Illustrators: Zimelman, Phillip K. (cover)
Roblin, Chuck (interior)
Zone, Ray (interior)
Date: 1995
User Summary: You enter a creepy old house to get out of the rain, but learn if you don't escape by morning you'll turn into a werewolf.
Fireguard's Thoughts:

At the time when stereograms were brand new, making a series of gamebooks based around using them to determine the right choice was probably a nifty idea. After all, the Nintendo Adventure Books almost always used puzzles to help the player figure out what the characters should do. Unfortunately, the technique just doesn't work for most people, killing any chances for mass-market success of the Magic Eye series. There's an answer key in the back, but that feels like cheating, and sometimes doesn't make sense. A skeleton is more dangerous than a vampire? Despite the haunted house setting, the book is played pretty comically with mutant vegetables in attendance as well as tame versions of your standard spook house dwellers. Kids may not mind, if they can make the pictures show up.

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