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Item - Jedi's Legacy

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Series: Star Wars Gamer no. 10
Part of: Star Wars Gamer #10 (Magazine)
Author: Ross, S. John
Illustrator: Pérez, Ramón
Date: June, 2002
Length: 8 pages (pp. 84-91; 39 sections plus introduction)
Number of Endings: 6 (including one conditional ending)
User Summary: You are a freshly-trained Jedi sent by your master on a first important mission....
Demian's Thoughts:

Magazine adventures tend to be very limited in scope due to their necessary brevity, and this adventure is no exception. It's very linear, with the majority of the interaction being combat-related. The story is written adequately, but it's a very typical Star Wars tale that won't stick in anyone's memories for very long. The adventure does nicely show that the d20 System is well-suited for the solitaire format. Gameplay runs very smoothly, with the challenge level being just about right and the player having a few useful tricks to use in strategic places. There were a couple of rules ambiguities (no rules were provided for Spot Checks, though perhaps no special rules were needed, and I was a little confused as to when Battlemind could be used and if it used up a combat round), but these problems are more due to space restrictions than to flaws in the game system. Ultimately, there's not a whole lot here, but what is here is solid, if unexceptional. In any case, it's always nice to see a new solitaire adventure come into print. I hope that we get more of these things in the future.

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