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Item - The Final Battle

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User Summary: You must participate in the final battle for Naboo, and depending on which role you take on, your objective varies....
Demian's Thoughts:

Interestingly, the series concludes with its shortest novel and its longest gamebook. The writing is fairly strong (though not quite at the level of the previous volume), and the game design is interesting -- there are basically four separate brief gamebooks here, each following a different character. It's unfortunate, however, that the book isn't designed so that the reader can follow all four paths; instead, it forces the reader to choose one, meaning that vital parts of the story get missed and that the overall adventure is remarkably brief. Of course, there's nothing stopping the reader from going through all four paths, but it's too bad that keeping score while doing this would technically be against the rules. Paths #1 and #2 have a bit too much in common, but the final two paths are distinct enough from the first two to be worth reading, with #3 (the Gungan adventure) being the most unique (and also the silliest). Integration between the novel and the gamebook leaves a bit to be desired here; things are certainly a bit off if you follow path #1 as Qui-Gon Jinn! Nonetheless, this isn't a bad conclusion to the series; I can only hope that Star Wars Episode II Adventures will someday become available (though it seems unlikely at the time of this writing).

Character Cards Included - Queen Amidala, Captain Panaka, Naboo Pilot
Vehicle Cards Included - N-1 Starfighter
Device Cards Included - Naboo Blaster
Power Cards Included - Surprise Attack

My Starting Score - 11626
My Ending Score - 12299 (after choosing path #1)

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Errata:On page 140, it says to turn to "You whiz by the walls" on page 146; the phrase in question is actually on page 142. Additionally, on page 149, there's a To outrun the fireball (without Power) heading even though there is no option to use power.
Special Thanks:Thanks to J. Carr for pointing out this title and providing the images.
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Star Wars Episode I Adventures edition

Series: Star Wars Episode I Adventures no. 15
Item: The Final Battle
Author: Singer, A. L. (pseudonym used by Lerangis, Peter)
Date: November, 2000
ISBNs: 0439174880 / 9780439174886 (novel)
0439194512 / 9780439194518 (gamebook)
Length: 58 pages (novel), 151 pages (gamebook)

Star Wars Adventures edition

Series: Star Wars Adventures no. 13
Item: The Final Battle
Author: Singer, A. L. (pseudonym used by Lerangis, Peter)
Date: 2003
ISBN: 0439459095 / 9780439459099

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