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Item - The Bongo Rally

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Series: Star Wars Episode I Adventures — no. 12
Author: Windham, Ryder
Date: August, 2000
ISBNs: 0439101492 / 9780439101493 (novel)
0439174945 / 9780439174947 (gamebook)
Length: 107 pages (novel), 100 pages (gamebook)
User Summary: Pirate Captain Swagg decides to get his revenge on the Gungans by attacking their arena during the bongo racing segment of the Festival of Warriors. Obviously, you must stop him....
Demian's Thoughts:

I'm glad to see this story arc come to an end. While it has had some good moments, it hasn't had nearly as much coherence as the previous two, especially as far as integration between the novels and gamebooks is concerned. This set is no exception, with the gamebook and novel being rather jarring in their inability to integrate smoothly. The story isn't completely without redeeming features, however; there are a few moments of humor, and the gamebook uses some inventory management, which is interesting (if pointless, considering that all the items are roughly alike). It's unfortunate that these books don't raise the complexity level of the rules just a little bit; it would make them considerably more exciting. With luck, maybe the next storyline will bring some innovation courtesy of Dave Wolverton....

Character Cards Included - Spleed Nukkels, Neb Neb Goodrow
Vehicle Cards Included - Blue Racing Bongo, Green Racing Bongo
Device Cards Included - Crowbar
Power Cards Included - Acceleration

My Starting Score - 8803
My Ending Score - 9495

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Errata:On page 97, the Knockdown skill is mentioned; this is almost certainly an erroneous reference to the Knockout skill.
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