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Item - Pirates from Beyond the Sea

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Series: Star Wars Episode I Adventures — no. 11
Author: Windham, Ryder
Date: July, 2000
ISBNs: 0439101484 / 9780439101486 (novel)
0439174937 / 9780439174930 (gamebook)
Length: 83 pages (novel), 90 pages (gamebook)
User Summary: You must prevent some ancient Gungan statues from being stolen by alien pirates, and you must rescue a kidnapped historian.
Demian's Thoughts:

The novel in this package isn't terribly good, and as in the last package, integration between the novel and the gamebook is quite poor. Fortunately, these flaws are largely made up for by the quality of the gamebook, which provides a nice variety of situations, an interesting setting, and some nasty setbacks to your score when luck goes bad for too long. There's a lot of droid-killing, which brings back memories of the Bartokk-slaying missions early in the series, but this isn't just a rehash of earlier volumes. If not for the annoying novel integration problems, this would be an above-average adventure.

Character Cards Included - Commander Wolloo, Lob Diz
Vehicle Cards Included - Heyblibber
Device Cards Included - Boomerang, Droid Deactivator
Power Cards Included - Knockout

My Starting Score - 7987
My Ending Score - 8803

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Errata:On page 40, the Aim skill is accidentally referred to as the Marksmanship skill; this is probably a relic from an earlier draft.
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