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Item - Trouble on Tatooine

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(Star Wars Episode I Adventures edition - novel)
(Star Wars Episode I Adventures edition - gamebook)
(Star Wars Adventures edition - gamebook)

Combined Summary

Series: Star Wars Adventures — no. 10
Star Wars Episode I Adventures — no. 8
Author: Wolverton, Dave
Dates: April, 2000 (Star Wars Episode I Adventures edition)
July, 2003 (Star Wars Adventures edition)
ISBNs: 043910145X / 9780439101455 (Star Wars Episode I Adventures edition - novel)
0439147425 / 9780439147422 (Star Wars Episode I Adventures edition - gamebook)
0439458994 / 9780439458993 (Star Wars Adventures edition - gamebook)
Length: 97 pages (novel), 67 pages (gamebook)
User Summary: The Ghostling children and their would-be captors are sentenced to death in an arena, and you must guide them to safety through a series of sand drainage tunnels.
Demian's Thoughts:

This adventure concludes the second story arc in this series. The included novel is quite well-written and surprisingly sophisticated. Unfortunately, the gamebook doesn't integrate with the novel very well, and it feels rather brief despite being Wolverton's longest entry in the series so far. As with the other sets in the series, the actual writing in the gamebook isn't nearly as good as the writing in the novel, though it is enlivened a bit by occasional humor. As far as gameplay goes, there are some nice touches, like the fact that one possible mishap from early in the story turns out to be an advantage much later on, but it's fairly standard. The tunnel crawl theme is great gamebook material, but it doesn't feel quite right in a book as linear as this. Overall, this is a good read (and the novel borders on exceptional), but it's not the best adventure in the series.

Character Cards Included - Princess Arawynne
Vehicle Cards Included - Watto's Landspeeder
Device Cards Included - Beamdrill
Power Cards Included - Compass

My Starting Score - 6271
My Ending Score - 6885

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Errata:On page 42, the Movement power is used. Unfortunately, there is no Movement power; the book is probably referring to the Motion power.
Special Thanks:Thanks to ntar for the reissue cover scan.
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Known Editions

Star Wars Episode I Adventures edition
Star Wars Adventures edition

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